Welcome | To My Little Arium of Yarn!

Welcome | To My Little Arium of Yarn!

TheYarnarium has been a small part of my main business for sometime, it's now time to evolutionise...  that is a real word right??! 

and welcome to my humble shop abode! 

My name is Carmela and I am the founder, creator, manager and owner of TheYarnarium and TheYarnarium Courses.  It's been my pleasure and delight for the last 7-9 years designing crochet patterns, plus teaching friends, family, customers and students in the gorgeously beautiful and most therapeutic craft of Crochet! 
To be fair to this little Aussie shop space, it has made some fairly good sales in the past, usually by the subscribers to my main business and primary focus - Crate Crochet Subscription boxes!   TheYarnarium was an oasis of leftovers, waifs and stray yarns, hooks and plus several other bits and pieces from the days of my crazy subscription box business.  The CC boxes took every moment of my days and weeks to fulfil and I loved it!  I was immensely absorbed by it's monthly deadlines, the monthly challenge of producing a pattern and the 3-5 days it would take to pack hundreds of boxes each month! 
Phew it was a totally wild ride!

However, there does come a time when you have to say enough, and sadly the costs of running the sub box business post covid, made it extremely hard to keep it going and I was losing money big time!  So mid 2023 I made the brave decision to close the doors on the Crate Crochet Subscription boxes.  Wow  I had no idea how much my subscribers loved it and were so sad at it's passing, I felt terrible but knew I had no choice or it was financial oblivion... 

I already knew in my mind the only way to replace Crate Crochet and make it more accessible to new people, was to replace it with a new digital space called TheYarnarium Courses.  It's still very much a constant work in progress so it can only now grow and grow... I just with I had octopus arms for all the work I need to do.. haha

So why the change... Well I did this not only for my own sanity and to feed the need for my creative outlet, whilst doing my bit for our family too, I especially owed this to my customers whom had been so loyal and wonderful for 7 years!

So now I'm am yet again evolving into an expanding landscape of crochet offerings both digital, physical and virtual,  that I truely hope will provide pleasure, therapy, fun and creativity to anyone who wants to give it a go.

Are you ready to give TheYarnarium a go...
Thanks for reading and here's 10% off gift from me, for your first order!

Use code:  TY10HELLO

Thank you for reading and happy crocheting.
Carmela x
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