Crochet Kit Boxes

Crochet Kit Boxes

"Hey Carmela, I miss my monthly surprise crochet box so much..."
... said by so many past subscribers.

This question is asked several times a month and has followed me for the last ten months or so... wow, has it been that long?  And yes I know I did say never again.  However, I also know how much you've missed them, customers always talk about past CrateCrochet boxes, will I do anything similar or redo them.  Oh how it tugs at the heart strings.... 

Wow I had no idea you loved them that much.  Well I can't go back to that crazy life, it was utterly exhausting!  However... I have come up with a solution... 

For those who may not know, I embarked on the journey of creating Australia's very own Crate Crochet monthly subscription boxes way back in early 2016.  Now, after seven fabulous years, and post covid, the costs of running it just became overwhelming, forcing me to bid farewell to the that business.
However, I know how sorely missed they and how much joy they gave being delivered all across Australia and beyond!

So here's my solution:
Introducing TY Crochet Kit Boxes.
Featuring one of four of my all new crochet designs by me releasing over the next 6-12 months, with the first box set to launch this June 2024.

How will these be better, I hear you ask? 
Great question, so here's a rundown of the way it work and why it has to work this way in order to succeed and grow:
  • No subscription, no ongoing commitment;

  • Exclusive brand new designs by me, released as and when available (not monthly) ONLY through TheYarnarium Website;

  • New pattern designs will also be released within TheYarnarium Courses on the same day as released design boxes ship;

  • All TY Crochet Kit Boxes will be pre-order only (as was CC) with a deadline to buy, limited quantities and a fixed shipment date for all pre-orders;
Why pre-orders only?  That’s easy!
Pre-Orders are the foundation of my sustainable approach to running a small business.  Pre-orders empower and enable me to manage costs efficiently, minimising any product or packaging waste.

And for you, my cherished crocheting customers, pre-ordering means securing your preferred colour and box option, no surprises unless you want them of course…  You'll have a shipping date to mark on your calendar and a guaranteed reservation for your box. Plus, the greatest perk? Pre-orders enable us to keep the box prices as competitive as possible. 
I’m excited for this new venture and a way to fill the void CrateCrate boxes clearly left…
In the meantime keep an eye on your inbox for notification of the release of the first kit or get on this list for a bonus discount…
Happy Crocheting lovelies,
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